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Transitional Design Style Bed Frame And Headboard Ideas To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level

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Transitional design is another widely popular style whose ideas, when applied to your bed frame or headboard, can be a useful tool to kick your bedroom up to the next level. This room is intimate to your life and can be vitality important to your well-being and sanity so why not give it the treatment it deserves.

To Help You Get Your ZZZ’s….

The bedroom is often overlooked by those with busy schedules and hectic lives, but it actually turns out that it is one of the most important rooms in your home. The purpose of this room is more than just a place to shut your eyes. It’s a place to relax, de-stress, and get that all important rest so you can get up and tackle the next day. The quality of your sleep has wide-ranging effects on both your physical and mental well-being. Some effects of poor sleep as listed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services include:

  • Slow or impaired decision making and problem solving.
  • Higher risk for depression and suicide.
  • Increased risk for obesity.
  • A weakened immune system less able to fight off common infections.
  • Higher blood sugar levels which increases the risk of diabetes.

A well designed and comfortable bedroom can help you to relax after a long day, fall asleep faster, and greatly improve the quality of your sleep which will then help improve the quality of your life. It doesn’t matter if you live in a palatial mansion, a normal apartment, or one of those trendy tiny houses or micro-apartments, the place where you lay your head down can easily reflect your style and consistently give you the good night’s rest your life requires.

  • Take the time to pick out a good mattress you find comfortable. This will go a long way towards helping you get sound sleep.
  • Choose colors for your room that make you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Keep your bedroom tidy and free from visual clutter. Seeing a mess will induce stress which can interfere with the quality of your rest.
  • Use low accent lighting with warm tones. Bright lights, especially with colder blue tones, will act to wake you up which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.
  • If you must have electronics beyond your alarm clock, then keep them to a minimum. Hide them away in a furniture piece that can be closed up when it’s time to relax and get some sleep.

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

Let’s face it, not everyone is a design purist. I know rather few people who have completely decked out their entire homes with heavy traditional decor and others will find the sleek minimalism of contemporary styles a bit too cold and stark. There is no hard and fast rule that you cannot take what you like from different styles to mix and match something that works for you. That’s where transitional design comes into play. The heart of this design style lightens up the heavy accents and fussiness of the traditional and softens up the hard lines of the contemporary to create a unique and appealing blend of the two.

It can be difficult to mix styles and still have a finished feel to your space, especially when they are as far-flung from one another as traditional and contemporary. That’s why there are a few guidelines that need to be followed to make bringing the two into harmony much easier. In then end, you want a comfortable, cohesive look that feels like you and aids in your relaxation and sleep.

Traditional Plus Contemporary Equals Transition

On one side of the spectrum lies traditional design which brings forth impressions of 1800s and early 1900s Europe. It is defined by heavy wood furniture, voluptuous fabrics, rich and dark colors, and decadently carved moldings and accents. Then there’s contemporary with its simple, clean, uncomplicated minimalism. While they are both very popular design styles, it’s not readily apparent that the two can be mixed. Like many mismatched couples, however, it can be marriage made in heaven when done correctly.

  • Furniture pieces have cleaner and uncomplicated looks than traditional pieces but have softer curves that make them feel less stark.
  • Cushions and upholstery are used more than you would usually find in contemporary to soften the harder visuals common to that style.
  • The overall color pallet is neutral. In general, this allows aspects of other deign styles to more easily mesh together in the final room.
  • Brighter, bolder colors are introduced with accent items such has throw pillows, decorative items, artwork, blankets, etc.
  • Metal accents from contemporary work well and can be softened with the use of textiles.
  • Accent rugs are a great way to keep the clean look of a contemporary floor and still soften up the overall look. Keep the color neutral but don’t be afraid to go big and bold with the pattern if it suits you.
  • The overabundance of decorative accessories in traditional design are toned down and kept to a minimum to bring in the uncluttered aspects of contemporary.

Bed Frames

A good place to start piecing together a peaceful and relaxing bedroom is the bed. Most bed frame sets often include a headboard, footer, and of course some sort of platform to hold your mattress. There are a wide variety of bed frames available. Here are a few that fit nicely into the transitional design motif.


Not everyone will have the room for a full bed frame, or maybe you just don’t like the look of a footer and rails. In that case a headboard will probably make more sense to you. If you see a bed frame set than appeals to you but do not want to whole shebang, don’t be afraid to ask if you could just purchase the headboard and forgo the rest.

Kids Need Sleep Too!

We can’t leave out the little ones. As important as sleep is to your life, it is much more important to any growing munchkins you’ve got hanging around. It may seem that it’s just you who cares about the way the kiddo’s room looks, but it has an impact on them even if they don’t realize it yet.

The Odd Couple

The world doesn’t fit into neat and tidy categories, so your design style shouldn’t have to either. The transitional design style is just that. By using contemporary aspects to tone down over the top facets and traditional elements to soften things up, transitional achieves the perfect balance. This makes it a very versatile tool to create a relaxing and inviting bedroom. Whether your choose an entire bed frame or just define your space with a stylish headboard, it will help you to go a long way towards transforming your bedroom from just somewhere you try to get some sleep into a place where you can actually recharge and recover.

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4 thoughts on “Transitional Design Style Bed Frame And Headboard Ideas To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level”

  1. I have also learnt that a cozy bedroom enhances my sleep compared to a plain looking bedroom.  Thank you for these reminders to take our sleep seriously.I recently incorporated low accent lighting and I immediately felt the difference. I don’t know why it took so long for me to do that. Those are really worrying facts on poor sleep.Your design ideas are very realistic and doable. Nothing too difficult.I have an idea of what I’ll do with my bed now. Thanks for these great suggestions!].

    1. Thanks for your comment. The goal of my blog is to offer some reasonable and doable ideas to what I’ve found to be common problems people encounter. I have a hard time falling asleep without something to partially engage my mind that I can zone out on and that usually ends up being some television. I recently added some low accent lighting behind my bed on timers and have found that just that low level of light kept the light of the television from adding much to the problem. It’s all about finding the right balance that works for you.

  2. Hi Rob,

    I am always suffering from insomnia for many years since I am the kind of person who gets influences easily by the sound and the light. For this post, I found another way to help us for better sleep every night which simply to re-design and re-organize my bedroom.

    I find I ignore the headboard of my bedroom, and I didn’t know there are so many choices. I used to only focus on the best mattress that suits my taste the most. I like the way you mix and match traditional & contemporary elements to decorate your bedroom which is beyond my imaginations, and I love it. 

    I would like to know whether you have some recommendations for the quilt, sheet, and pillow to match this kind of transitional design? Since I don’t have any thoughts in mind, and it’s very nice that I could get advice from an expert like you.

    1. Transitional design is a pretty forgiving and eclectic style as long as you keep to the clean and tidy look.

      I’ve found that getting a good comforter that you love the feel of will make the bed extremely relaxing for you. You can always shop around for duvet covers with colors complimentary to those you’ve chosen to include and keep to simple, clean, geometric patterns. Also, if you don’t have much complex graphics in your room, you could opt for your duvet to be the big graphic splash and keep the rest simple.

      The great thing about putting the biggest investment into your comforter is that you can always change the duvet cover to suit your mood. Duvet covers take up no more room in the closet as a sheet set so you can keep your favorites on hand and swap the look of your bed in no time at all whenever you feel like it.

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