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Hi, Impact!

If you’re like me, then you’re constantly wondering how to update and improve that one specific spot in your home that caught your attention last night. That spot that seems to be crying out for help from the realm invisibility it’s been sent off too. It just feels like there’s something missing or out of place. When that thought gets in your head it’s only natural to hop online and search for whatever solution may present itself.

Isn’t It All On The Internet?

You can always do a quick search but there are just so many options out there. I constantly find myself finding a piece of art or furniture that, by itself, looks inspiring but as I keep searching I start to question if it’s right for me. The world wide web offers billions upon billions of options and it can be easy to lose track of why you started looking in the first place. After a few hours you might even start to wonder if that style you thought you absolutely loved really is in fact your style!

Don’t Give Up!

I’ve had to force myself to learn how to pace things out. Taking it one step at a time can help you to not only fix that spot crying out for help, but also help to tweak that style you’ve fallen in love with and make it more of your own. Sure, you can always copy that photo you saw in a magazine, but what small things can you adjust and add to make it more yours?

Taking on the fix whole hog can be overwhelming and leave you more confused than when you started. Hopefully I can help to slow down your frantic search a bit post by post.

The Restless Mind

As I search for solutions to my decor issues I’ll compile some more interesting ideas I find and present them here. Hopefully you’ll find just the right stool for your pub table, just the right lamp for your reading nook, or just the right art for that blank spot on your wall. At the very least I hope you leave my blog with some inspiration of your own, that it helps you take control of your space, and help make that place you live in your own.

If you ever need a brain to pick or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will endeavor to help you out.

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