Cheesy Asparagus Lemon Chicken Bake

Cheesy Asparagus Lemon Chicken Bake Header

Chicken can be an easy go to after a hard day but if you’re not a Michelin rated chef it can get boring rather quick. Here’s an easy week night meal that will please the whole family. The chicken and asparagus are prepared in one dish which makes clean up a breeze. Bite for bite this dish is full of flavor and satisfaction.

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Upgrade Your Fall With These Tips And Ideas For A Portable Backyard Fire Pit

Upgrade Your Fall With A Portable Backyard Fire Pit

After what feels like a long summer, fall has FINALLY arrived! It’s time to start thinking about being outside more. What outdoor setting is more accessible than your own yard? It is the best space for a quick weekend get together with family or friends during this time of year. A well-crafted yard can also give you a quick evening escape after a long and grueling weekday. This time of year, especially, a well put together outdoor space can reflect a warm, welcome, and comforting atmosphere. Adding a portable outdoor fire pit can be the perfect upgrade that will broadcast a cozy, inviting feel that both you and your guests will enjoy for seasons to come. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started.

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16 Cute And Fun Pet Costume Ideas For A Fantastic Halloween

16 Cute And Fun Pet Costume Ideas For A Fantastic Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time of year for the whole family. The kids get excited about trick or treating, the adults get excited about getting to relive their childhood memories. Let’s not forget about how much fun it is to dress up for the parties! Let’s not leave out our furry family members. Your excitement is their excitement as well! Cat, dog, large, or small, this year help them join in the fun with some cute and festive apparel of their own.

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DIY Home Security: Abode Essentials Starter Kit Review 2020

Abode Essentials Kit Review

The Abode line of home security devices was founded in 2014 by a former ADT executive and has been offering excellent options for do-it-yourself home owners looking to get both reliability and quality without spending too much of the budget. Having been on the scene for several years now, abode has shown staying power that translates into … Read more

DIY Home Security: Top Five Best Rated Starter Kits

DIY Home Security Starter Kits

In troubling times often our thoughts will turn to all aspects of the security of ourselves and those we love. The protection of our homes from threats is one avenue that can help to achieve some relief from those concerns. The incorporation of a good home security system can not only help keep you safe from obvious threats such as prowlers, but can also help you keep an eye on pets, children who are home alone, alert you to the presence of fire or harmful gasses, and can even help you get a handle on you electric use. With the continual growth of the internet of things, home security devices have come down drastically in price and are no longer dependent on high priced monitoring subscriptions. This has allowed for the everyday DYI home owner to set up some piece of mind for themselves.

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Modern Lighting Ideas: Pendants And Ceiling Fixtures To Make Your Kitchen Shine

Modern Lighting Ideas Pendants And Ceiling Fixtures To Make Your Kitchen Shine

Most of us love to shine in some aspect of our home lives. With the unexpected turn all of our lives have taken in the past few months that place to shine has quickly become the kitchen. All this extra time we’ve had in our homes has made many of those “I’ll get to it at some point” projects far more prominent. Maybe you’ve been wanting to bring a fresh look to your space? Maybe you’ve wished you had more task lighting over your kitchen counters? If bringing some much needed changed to your kitchen is on that list, then lighting is one of the less expensive and least intrusive ways to breath in some new life. From kitchen island task lighting to counter top illumination, new pendants and ceiling light fixtures can help you to make your kitchen shine in a new light.

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Unique Handmade Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas For That Special Man

Unique Handmade Father's Day Gift Ideas Header

It’s that time of year again when everything about fatherhood is celebrated by all those who benefit from. Sure, you could get Dear Old Dad another tie, but that’s so cliché. Let’s face it, Pops can sometimes be hard to shop for. You want to get something special that shows how much you care but you also want it to be something unique and nothing he already has.

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Top 5 Best Selling Raised And Elevated Garden Beds On Amazon Review

Top 5 Best Selling Raised And Elevated Garden Beds On Amazon

A great way for anyone to easily start a new garden, or even refresh an old one, is set up a raised garden bed. Gardens aren’t required have to have a significant amount of space in order to flourish. As long as you have adequate soil, water, sun, and nutrients available your plants will thrive with minimal effort. Just because you may be limited to a patio, balcony, or small yard does not mean you will be left behind. A good garden bed can let you grow just about anywhere you desire. Here you will find a compilation of the current top five best selling raised and elevated garden beds on Amazon.

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Great Outdoor Garden Tools, Equipment, And Accessories For Beginners

Garden Tools For Beginners

Keeping with the theme of warmer weather and spring renewal, many people will turn an eye towards finally scratching that gardening itch. The internet is always filled with gorgeous pictures on countless blog rolls of spring flower and vegetable gardens. As we are visual creatures, this can easily conjure up the urge to dabble in a bit of your own gardening. While starting a garden from scratch does incur a little bit of cost, once you learn the basics you’ll find that a well maintained garden is really quite inexpensive and satisfying. This is especially true when compared to some other hobbies out there. With that said, a great outdoor garden needs the right tools, equipment, and accessories to get most beginners started off on the right foot.

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Unique Handmade Spring Gift Ideas For 2020

Unique Handmade Spring Gift Ideas Header

For better or for worse, springtime has arrived. The chill is turning to warm, the showers have become all too frequent, and everything has begun to bloom. Under normal circumstances this is one of the best times of the year. With all that has been going on around the world in the year 2020, however, things may not feel as rosy as they have in the past. With the pandemic in full swing a lot of us are sheltering at home and that means work for a lot of us has been put on hold. No one feels the pinch more than independent workers, a category which craftsman and artists fall into. While people all over are turning to online shopping to help cure the boredom of quarantine and social distancing, consider picking up some seasonal cheer by seeking out some unique handmade spring gifts.

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