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Don't let the idea of a simple and elegant design intimidate you. Do not let your indecisiveness keep you from making your space something to be proud of. Comfortable spaces are what makes us feel at home. Anyone can create an environment they will love to inhabit with just the right inspiration to get them going.


Getting fit is one of the most popular resolutions made by vast multitudes of people with the passing of each New Years holiday. While it is a noble and worthwhile goal, it will only be as effective as your ability to stick with it. Developing new habits isn’t an easy task in general, but a …

Organization Ideas To Maximize The Space In Your Home Gym Read More »

Entertainment Centers

It seems that home entertainment centers are firmly in the middle of life in modern households. Every era of human history has seen a specific spot in the home take up a central role for those who reside within them. For most of human history this central area was the fire. It was a place …

Industrial Chic Home Entertainment Centers And TV Stands Read More »


For better or for worse, springtime has arrived. The chill is turning to warm, the showers have become all too frequent, and everything has begun to bloom. Under normal circumstances this is one of the best times of the year. With all that has been going on around the world in the year 2020, however, …

Unique Handmade Spring Gift Ideas For 2020 Read More »


Let’s face it, so far the year 2020 has been a doozy.  The whole of humanity has been put on edge by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19, the resulting respiratory disease caused by the virus in humans. It seems that everywhere you turn there are just as many opinions on the virus …

Coronavirus 2020: Fun And Entertainment For The Masses While Under COVID-19 Quarantine Read More »


When, like me, you’re an apartment dweller, space usually comes at a premium. A lot of us end up sacrificing square footage for things like budget or living in a convenient location. Living in a small space doesn’t have to be the end of the world as far as style is concerned. Small spaces mean …

Contemporary Bathroom Storage Solutions For That Tiny Space Read More »

Bed Frames & Headboards

Transitional design is another widely popular style whose ideas, when applied to your bed frame or headboard, can be a useful tool to kick your bedroom up to the next level. This room is intimate to your life and can be vitality important to your well-being and sanity so why not give it the treatment …

Transitional Design Style Bed Frame And Headboard Ideas To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level Read More »


Too many times have I arrived at a friend’s place for an evening meetup and am greeted with overhead lighting that is usually too bright and serves more to distract rather than add to the setting. Accent lighting, usually achieved by using hanging pendant or wall lights, is the easiest way to make nearly any …

Shades Of Morocco: Ambient Lighting To Set An Exotic Mood Read More »


Finding the right indoor plant containers to bring the outdoors into your space can help add another level of energy to your space. House plants have been indicated in study after study to correlate with improved health, lower stress, and a cleaner indoor environment. Why shouldn’t you want to dive into this trend? It may …

Stylish And Decorative Indoor Plant Containers To Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home Read More »


Among the biggest things of interest to people when they are house or apartment hunting is how much available storage there is. We all like to have stuff that makes our lives easier, and there is a lot of stuff available to accomplish that, but in the end we need somewhere to store it all. …

9 Best Easy DIY Home and Bedroom Closet Organization System Ideas To Customize Your Storage Read More »


Put a fall twist on a favorite comfort food. Pure pumpkin puree gives this dish just subtle touch of decadence that the whole family will enjoy.

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