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Contemporary Bathroom Storage Solutions For That Tiny Space

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When, like me, you’re an apartment dweller, space usually comes at a premium. A lot of us end up sacrificing square footage for things like budget or living in a convenient location. Living in a small space doesn’t have to be the end of the world as far as style is concerned. Small spaces mean unique problems, especially for bathroom storage. You just need to set yourself a few rules and find the right pieces that fit your space, style, and function.

Currently, I live in four hundred square feet. It can be trying at times, and I’m finding ways to make it work. The bathroom, however, has been a challenge, particularly in the storage department. Full size cabinets and vanities just don’t leave enough room to maneuver but I still need somewhere to store the typical bathroom items. There are tons of products out there that can help you meet your needs without sacrificing your precious space and style.

But My Space Is So Tiny!

Maybe puzzle solving isn’t your forte, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle the problems posed by a small bathroom. You do not have to sacrifice your style simply because you live in an otherwise cramped space. To that end, there are some things that must be done when living in the micro realm that will make it much more manageable.

Small Bathroom
  • Keep your design scheme together. It’s perfectly fine to be a bit eclectic but an overall cohesive look will go a long way in making your small space feel welcoming.
  • Don’t clutter up the floor. Not only will it be easier to clean, it will go a long way to making your space feel larger.
  • Wall mounted shelves are a great way to provide much-needed storage without taking up valuable floor space.

The Water Closet, Literally…

Water Closet

If you’ve ever lived in a tiny apartment before, then you know the bathroom can literally be the size of a closet. This is where the aspects of living in a small space can really come into play most effectively. All the above elements will help you to create both a functional and manageable space. First and foremost, the storage problem in a small bathroom must be addressed.

Bathroom sinks, while important, can take up a lot of real estate. Most small bathrooms tend to have either pedestal or wall mounted sinks. If yours has the latter then this provides a prime opportunity to use a freestanding cabinet. There are several designed to fit around the plumbing of wall mounted sinks. This is a great way to utilize the floor space under the sink that would otherwise be rendered useless.

Chances are, your bathroom has walls, or at least I really hope it does! Good news! There are a lot of shelving options out there. Wall mounted shelves can give you sorely needed storage without cluttering up your precious floor space. An open shelving concept using neatly folded linens and decorative storage baskets can go a long way in making your space feel larger than it is.

Whether your bathroom has a window or not, mirrors can help visually enlarge your space and can be combined with other storage options. A border-less, mirrored medicine cabinet can reflect light making for a brighter and more airy experience while providing some desperately needed storage at the same time. Mirrored or mirror-like surfaces can also use your available light to make things feel less cramped.

Contemporary Vs. Modern

Two of the most common design concepts used in small spaces are Modern and Contemporary. Many people tend to use these two terms interchangeably but technically they are two distinct styles. With that said, both share many aspects and work very well when mixed together.

In technical terms, the Modern design concept refers to design styles that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. If you have ever spent a weekend watching TV produced in those years then the style will be very familiar to you. There was a certain blended family by the name of Brady I remember in particular that illustrates what Modern design is quite beautifully. What an entertaining bunch they were!

While Contemporary does have a lot in common stylistically with Modern, it typically adheres to a more muted color pallet, usually with pure accent colors. The time period covered by this style, as evidenced by its name, is the contemporary period, otherwise known as today. As a result, the contemporary style is in constant flux and, as with most design concepts, is mostly up to the tastes of the particular person while keeping some basic distinct elements.

Get With The Times!

Contemporary design is primarily a style that lives in the modern age from the latter part of the twentieth century and continuing into today. Despite the ever changing appetites of consumers that keep the contemporary style evolving, there are a few basic attributes that keep it, well, contemporary.

  • Pieces tend to be minimalist with neutral, tone on tone colors accentuated by bold, pure accent colors.
  • Clean lines, smooth surfaces, and slim silhouettes are common.
  • Furniture pieces are usually made of light colored wood with smooth surfaces and no carvings or other decorative elements.
  • Accents tend to be of frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, chrome or nickle finishes. When patterns are present they tend to be bold and geometric.

Wall Mounted Shelving

Floor space is always at a premium in small living environments. Wall mounted shelving is a perfect way to create needed storage and display space while keeping the floors cleared of clutter. Here are a few options that will help declutter your tiny bathroom.

Storage Cabinets

Open shelving is all fine and dandy, but there are some items that would be best left unseen, or at least obscured. Who wants to see a shelf of cleaning chemicals first thing when walking to the room? There are plenty of cabinet options that can be adapted well to a small space.

A Small Bathroom Can Still Be Comfortable With The Right Storage Solutions

The tricky problem of a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to give up on expressing your style. With the proper storage solutions you’ll find it easy to keep up with the clutter. Slim under sink cabinets, wall mounted shelving, and decorative storage baskets are a great way to start organizing and styling your space. All that’s left is to keep up with the clutter. Who knows, in the end you may find you enjoy the freedom of not having to keep a large bathroom clean!

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12 thoughts on “Contemporary Bathroom Storage Solutions For That Tiny Space”

  1. Cathy Cavarzan

    I love everything about these ideas! Reading through some of the interesting ideas for the bathroom you pointed out a few areas I did not think about. Using all that extra space on the walls, I am already envisioning which accessory shelf to put in. The bamboo unit you highlighted do you happen to know the weight limit on it? 

    1. Thanks for reading! I checked on Amazon and the manufacturer lists the weight limit as 55 lbs. It is a rather slender shelf so I wouldn’t put anything too heavy on it. It would be perfect for some small folded hand towels or some small decorative baskets to hold things you would like to keep easier access to. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, your post is very unique and its an eye opener to spacing in the bathroom, I have never taught of this idea until I read your post which is making me to include this idea in my next month budget, I know there are a lot of friends and family who also need this idea I will be sharing your post on my social media for them also to benefit from your idea and products.

    1. I’m glad my experiences could give you some insight! It’s easy to reclaim awkward spaces when you can find the right info.

  3. Dear Rob,

    We live in a tiny apartment and we have a small bathroom, so we have a storage problem and we struggle to organize it because of its small size. I got helpful insights from your article.

    Wall-mounted shelves are a great idea which I didn’t think. We have a wall-mounted sink as per your advice going to plan for a freestanding cabinet.

    Information on Modern and Contemporary designs are helpful.

    Vdomus Tempered Glass Shelf With Towel Bar is on my list and the pricing is also under my budget. I am amazed at the Wooden Modern Contemporary Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet and how it can save a lot of space and this is also on my list.

    You have given me plenty to think about here. This was a highly informative article, and I learned a lot of new things.

    Much Success!


    1. I’m glad my thoughts helped you out, that’s the purpose of this blog! Small spaces are always an issue, especially in older places with lots of weird nooks and crannies. Good luck!

  4. Excellent review on contemporary storage solution for tiny bathroom,I really enjoyed your write-up and the wonderful products with great design to keep and store things in a very small bathroom,I prefer the Wooden Modern Contemporary,It will give me what I needed in my bathroom, the freestanding shelf is designed to give you some much-needed storage without having to mount a shelf to the wall.I like the design for space management.Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m glad I could help. I can’t tell you how many places I’ve lived where the bathroom has been a real struggle. Good luck with your space!

  5. Hi Rob, 

    Thanks a lot to share us such a very essential content. You have informed how to decorate and maintain a tiny bathroom by this post. This content will help us to make a modern and unique bathroom. By reading this post I have learnt that how to rearrange a clutter bathroom by mounting some simple but unique shelves.

    I’ll share your post with my friends and family so that they also learn about this.

    Thanks again. 

    1. Thanks! Good luck on your journey. Any space can be personalized, no matter how small, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

  6. Thanks so much for the ideas and the knowledge of contemporary design! I am going to live in small-but-not-that-tiny apartment and the mounted shelves are perfect solution for freeing up some spaces here. My question is, if I place many mounted shelves and cabinets in apartment, can I use the ‘mirror trick’ to make my room looks spacious? I plan to use a mirrored cabinet in the bedroom, so I can save the wall space by not using actual mirror. 

    1. If you can put in a mirrored medicine cabinet above your sink that could be a great solution for you. You can store your most commonly used things like toothbrushes and the like in the cabinet behind the mirror. It can take care of two problems with one solution. If you are looking to use mirrors to visually expand your space a mirror behind the open wall mounted cabinet could help achieve the desired effect.

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