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Industrial Chic Home Entertainment Centers And TV Stands

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It seems that home entertainment centers are firmly in the middle of life in modern households. Every era of human history has seen a specific spot in the home take up a central role for those who reside within them. For most of human history this central area was the fire. It was a place to keep warm, socialize with the family group, and feel safe in the darkness of night. With the advent of both electricity and cheap radios the living room took on that role where the family could gather around to hear their favorite programs broadcast in from afar. Then along came the television set which eventually supplanted the radio’s place in our hearts.

The floor plan of most homes can vary, but chances are the first room you’ll see when you open your front door is the living room. This is especially true if you are an apartment or studio dweller. The chances are even better that, in this room, your entertainment center is the primary focal point. For this reason you want it to reflect your style. Not only do you have to look at it daily but any guest you have will see it as well. Wouldn’t you want to use this opportunity to show off your distinct style?

It’s Just A TV, Isn’t It?

First off, let’s define what is commonly referred to as an entertainment, or media, center. They are often large, but can come in a variety of sizes, and are used to house entertainment electronics such as television sets, stereo receivers, DVD players (even VHS if you’re a media archaeologist!), home theater sound systems, gaming consoles, and HTPCs (home theater personal computers) if you’re particularly tech savvy. They usually offer plenty of storage for physical media like DVDs and CDs. The larger centers can come in multiple pieces that fit together like a jigsaw while others can consist of a platform for the telly to rest with a few shelves underneath for some of your essential items.

If you love your television shows, movies, or music then picking out the right entertainment center will only increase your enjoyment. Having enough space to keep physical items like CDs and DVDs organized will mean you won’t be searching through mountains of cases to find that song that just popped into your head. Another benefit is not seeing that distracting rodent’s nest of wires set just behind your telly when you’re relaxing in front of your favorite shows. There is something particularly soothing when your devices all appear neat, organized, and easy to reach at a moment’s inspiration.

Still, We’re Watching TV And Not The Room, Right?

As I mentioned before, chances are the entertainment center is the focal point of the first room you’ll see when entering your home. This makes it the perfect place to make a stylistic statement about yourself. When it is something you love to look at you will feel comfortable and when your guests see it they will feel you’re unafraid of letting them know who you are. Who wants to see a blank space with a TV just sitting there?

The entertainment center will be the primary focal point of the room, so you will want it to set the tone for the space. You can find centers in a wide range of styles. They can range from big and bulky and can give the impression of an architectural feature, and they can be sleek, slender, and/or wall mounted to create a more airy, space enhancing feel. They can be single, freestanding pieces that can easily be moved around or they can be multiple pieces that can fit together in any arrangement that would work best for your needs. The important thing is that they achieve the goal of organizing and hiding your devices, and showing off the design style you love.

Pipes, Ducts, And Brick Work, Oh My!

Industrial design, or industrial chic as it is sometimes called, has been rather in vogue as of late. With the recent interest in renovating and re-purposing old spaces it is only growing in popularity. This design style takes pride in the rawness of construction materials and the time-worn look of once pristine pieces. It’s the exposed brick wall that used to be plastered over. It’s being able to see the pipes and ducts that once used to be hidden away. It’s the worn down, simple work bench turned dining table. As older spaces are renovated you can see why it has become widely popular, especially among those more connected to our older, historical buildings.

There are a lot of options within the industrial design style and a lot is left up to your personal interpretation. There are, as always, a few things that define the overall industrial look enough to make it a distinct design style.

  • The unabashed display of normally concealed features such as pipes, duct work, and brick to give a raw and unfinished feel.
  • Neutral colors are used throughout with pops of rich and/or bold accent colors. Metal and wood, usually raw or minimally polished, abound on furniture and surfaces.
  • An open layout is a prime feature. This style has its origins in converted industrial and commercial spaces with plenty of square footage. This doesn’t mean it can’t be scaled down to fit a smaller space though.
  • Older restored or re-purposed furniture pieces are a mainstay of industrial design. You don’t have to limit yourself to old and usually more expensive items though. Just look for design features to fit the industrial vibe.
  • Accessories can add to the industrial feel of your space and glue it all together. Edison style light bulbs, distressed leather on furniture pieces, the use of pipe in display or storage pieces, and old machine parts can all help to enhance an industrial vibe.

Freestanding Entertainment Centers

There are a lot of people that live in an apartment setting with restrictions on what can be mounted on the walls. Even if you own your space, it may not advantageous to go to the trouble of mounting what can be a substantial piece. Maybe you just don’t know what type of support you may have inside that wall? There are a lot of freestanding entertainment center options that can help you get your television grove on.

Wall Mounted Entertainment Centers

Clean and uncluttered floor space is a desired feature of industrial design. A good way to achieve this look with minimal effort is to float furniture on the walls. Imagine how much easier it will be to clean those dust bunnies from under your entertainment center if you can, I don’t know, actually reach them!

Your Home Entertainment Center Can Make A Statement Whether The Telly Is On Or Not

A great, stylish entertainment center can substantially upgrade your television watching or music listening experience. With the right set up you will no longer have to worry about what guests may think about that nest of wires making it all work. All of your devices are much more accessible when they are organized and displayed in a pleasing way. Most importantly, a substantial piece of furniture like an entertainment center can go a long way towards establishing your own personal and unique style while achieving a relaxing and uncomplicated space.

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8 thoughts on “Industrial Chic Home Entertainment Centers And TV Stands”

  1. Excellent article, entertainment corner is always a place to refresh in the house after rerunning from the work,but everyone would determine the style of design based on the taste and affordability, the entertainment center will be the primary focal point of the room, so you will want it to set the tone for the space. I love this Sauder Barrister Lane Credenza,is perfect for a small place such as an apartment or studio. I prefer it because of the little space that occupies. Thanks for sharing.

    1. First impressions can be important, not just for your guests, but for you each time you open the door. Seeing something that’s comfortable and totally you can make or break your mood after a tough day!

  2. Excellent article you have up here. Seriously, presenting the best feel about one’s home is focusing on how best to present the hone entertainments since very few people would be granted access beyond the living room or the main dinning room. So it is essential to do a great job of presenting it well with excellent designing to make your style unique. I like the various designing suggestions and ideas here and surely I will incorporate one into my home

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I agree, the first rooms both yourself and guests see are important and can make or break your mood. It doesn’t take much to to make the spaces something you can enjoy!

  3. The  South Shore Munich Wall Mounted Console is perfect for the size of my room- If I went bigger it would look silly as my entertainment area is a snug area as we don’t watch much tele- we prefer to play board games and have family time doing something together and extra space in this room will make a load of difference especially with 5 people in this space

    I love the design so I am going to sus it out by clicking the link

    Thank you

    1. Thanks, I’m glad I could help out with some inspiration! Small spaces can seem tricky but there’s a solution out there for everyone. It just takes some guidance to sort through the over abundance of options sometimes.

  4. Free standing and wall mounted entertainment centers. Wow, I get to learn something new today. I guess we all learn everyday then. I used to call this entertainment centres dividers because they help us divide what we want in a place from the other. True this entertainment centres can help taking away the spiral twist of the wires and if well organised, can impress the visitors. This is a very good post and I think the options there are awesome.

    1. Thanks! You hit on a use that I didn’t think to in the post. Entertainment centers can absolutely be used to divide a large space like a one room studio or a just a larger than normal living or family room.

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