Children’s Adjustable Height Desk And Chair Set

This interactive desk and chair station combines fun and safety for kids of varying age and size! Perfect for kids’ rooms, study areas, and more, this desk features an adjustable tilting surface made of sturdy PP grade plastic, and an organized pull out drawer for storing papers, coloring books, coloring utensils, etc.

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  • This set is ergonomically designed for comfortable sitting and proper body positioning.
  • Underneath the desks surface is a 1 inch stopper to prevent little hands form being pinched when the desk is being tilted.
  • The surface of the desk measures 26 inches by 19 inches.
  • Features include an adjustable tilting surface and an organized pull out storage drawer.
  • Both the chair and desk have a sturdy steel frame and are height adjustable.
  • The desk top can be adjusted from 21inches to 30 inches and the seat of the chair adjusts from 12.5 inches to 17 inches.


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