Upgrade Your Fall With A Portable Backyard Fire Pit

Upgrade Your Fall With These Tips And Ideas For A Portable Backyard Fire Pit

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After what feels like a long summer, fall has FINALLY arrived! It’s time to start thinking about being outside more. What outdoor setting is more accessible than your own yard? It is the best space for a quick weekend get together with family or friends during this time of year. A well-crafted yard can also give you a quick evening escape after a long and grueling weekday. This time of year, especially, a well put together outdoor space can reflect a warm, welcome, and comforting atmosphere. Adding a portable outdoor fire pit can be the perfect upgrade that will broadcast a cozy, inviting feel that both you and your guests will enjoy for seasons to come. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started.

An Investment In Fun And Relaxation

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The decision to include an outdoor firepit in the plans for your yard was more than likely the easy part. Human kind has had an affinity for fire that stretches back far into the pre-history of our species. Throughout time, fire has given us light at night when there were no other source. It has given us warmth when there were no other options. It gave us a feeling of safety and security in a dark and scary world. It’s no wonder why humans are still so in love with the idea of a cozy fire to gather around. Enjoying a good fire is ingrained in our social DNA.

There are a few additional benefits to including a fire pit amenity to your landscaping that are a bit more practical than just invoking a wonderful fuzzy feeling. The trend of fire pits has been on an upward move over the last several years and, after a year like 2020, I’m sure that that trend will only increase. A built-in outdoor fire pit can increase the overall value of your home, but the cost may be a bit prohibited for some. Luckily, the increasing affordability and availability of portable fire pits has only expanded over the years. Reasons to seriously consider adding one to your outdoor repertoire include:

I Want One! Where Do I Begin?

So, you’ve decided that, YES!, you want to add some awesome ambiance to your outdoor setting. To make it a success you need to consider a few options. Anything having to do with good design comes down to which types and features will work best both the way you want your space to look and, most importantly, how you want your space to function. Sure, most fire pits will look picture perfect, but if you don’t set it up so it’s comfortable and usable then what good will it do you? Since this is a bit more of an investment than, say, changing out your cushions, you will want to make sure what you will be putting your hard earned cash into will work the way you are hoping it will the first go around. To that end, here are some of basics to consider before moving forward with your plan.

Click on a tab to learn a bit more about the two main considerations when starting a plan for your fire pit.

Upgrade Your Fall With A Portable Backyard Fire Pit Fire Bowl

Only You Can Prevent A Backyard Fire Pit Accident!

Upgrade Your Fall With A Portable Backyard Fire Pit Night Time Bon Fire

Great! Now you know how a fire pit can help make your life more enjoyable. You’ve considered your options and picked out the right one for you. You’re all set now, right? Actually, this is where you need to consider not only the purpose you want to achieve with your new fire pit, but how to do it safely. A crackling fire, while a warm and comfortable thing, can quickly turn devastating and life-threatening in the wrong setting. There are some basic, common sense things that must be attended to in order to keep the fun from coming to a sudden and screeching halt.

Click on any of the headings below to learn more about what you need to consider when planning out your new fire pit.

Location is vital to the safety of your fire pit set up. You want to maximize the distance from flammable materials while still fitting in the overall design. Make sure to keep anything that may catch fire in mind while considering placement.

Outside of the obvious safety concerns, you also want to be conscious of the comfort of those who will be utilizing the new cozy space. Make sure there is an easy way to and from the fire pit area and there is enough room to maneuver around the seating area. This is one place you do not want anyone to have an accident in.

When choosing your fire pit, remember that it is supposed to contain all parts of the fire at all times. You will want to pick out a design that will prevent any accidental release of lighted fuel or sparks.

Educate yourself on how to safely build a fire. If you are using a gas fire pit then know where the emergency shut offs are and how to safely work the ignition. If you are using a wood fire pit then start with light, dry tinder and kindling or possibly a starter log instead of using chemicals like lighter fluids. It may be a slower start, but remember, a slower start is far more controllable than a fast ignition that could quickly get out of hand. In addition, NEVER use construction lumber in your wood burning fire pit. Construction lumber, of any sort, is treated with chemical resins, adhesives, and other substances that can release harmful fumes when burned.

Prepare ahead of time so you can act if something goes amiss. Have a fire extinguisher easily accessible nearby.  Position the garden hose strategically just in case it may be needed. Have a fire blanket and/or bucket of sand handy. Hopefully you will never have to use any of these precautions but, it is far better to be prepared and safe rather than wishing you thought differently later on.

You and your guests have had a full evening of fun and merriment by the fire and now the time has come for bed. Before heading in make sure you have fully extinguished your fire! For gas fire pits double check that you have turned the gas all the way off and secured the valve. For wood burning pits, douse the fire with water, spread the ashes around, then douse it again to be sure. The last thing you want is to have your slumber disturbed by your fire alarms alerting you to a blaze in your yard!

Make sure you investigate where and what kinds of fire pits you are allowed to have and restrictions on their placement. Many local authorities can have safety ordinances in place. Also, don’t forget to check with your HOA if you live in a community that has one.

Wood Burning Fire Pits And Bowls

Gather around, folks! Listen to the crackle. Break out the marshmallows. Anyone got a guitar handy? Nothing says warm and cozy like a good wood fire. There are a lot of options and styles to choose from. Get into the spirit this fall and stock up on the fire wood! Here are a few options that caught my eye to get you going.

A Fire Ring to Rule them All

This will be the one fire ring that you will ever need in your back yard. The only thing... Can you keep it secret? Keep it safe?

From Cutting Edge Steelwork.


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Kokopelli Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl

Combining the inquisitive gecko, the bright noon day sun and the Hopi Indian God, Kokopelli, this fire pit pays homage to our southwest heritage. Release the free spirit in you today!

From Fire Pit Art.


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Octagonal Heavy Duty Fire Pit

Stylish, practical, high quality, and portable. These are fire pits that will last!

From HyGrade Metal.


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Large Copper Finish Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

This outdoor wood burning fire pit design provides ample of room for the perfect size fire and is easy to tend and clean. The quick and easy assembly allows you to use this product right out of the box, so grab your marshmallow skewers and snacks and cozy up around your new fire pit.

From Sunnydaze Decor.


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The Ultimate Fire Pit Ball

The Ultimate Fire Pit Ball will offer your outdoor atmosphere warmth, a radiant glow, and an interesting conversation piece.

From Rebel Metalworks.


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Aztec Allure Cast Iron Pizza Oven Chimenea

This unique outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who enjoy cooking on a wood fire and are looking for quick grill access. Made of durable cast iron construction with a fiberglass lining to lock in heat on top oven section it will last for years.

From Deeco Consumer Products.


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Gas Burning Fire PIts

Simple. Clean. Elegant. A gas fire pit can offer a whole range of portability and flexibility. Enhance your outdoor seating and conversation area by incorporating a fire pit table. Create a stunning focal point that will keep your outdoor space useable for longer in the year. There are even a few small, table top versions that can kick the ambiance of your next outdoor dinner party up a few notches. Scroll through and take a look at these gas fire pits I found.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Impress your friends and family by bringing home your love of the vineyards or the whiskey casks to your very own yard. You'll be mesmerized at the sight of flames dancing across the top of the barrel as if it were liquid set ablaze.

From Smoking Barrel Works.


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401 Series Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table

Admire the reflection of the dancing flames on the Arctic Ice fire glass and black tempered glass tabletop while keeping warm and cozy within the heating radius of this impressive outdoor centerpiece.

From Outland Living.


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Tabletop Fire Bar

A minimalist design with modern aesthetics this portable fireplace can be displayed on any table surface.

From Green Stone Artisans.


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Outdoor Conversation Set with Fire Pit

Offering ample amounts of space this set corner sofa allows you to lounge back in a stylish setting. Enjoy your company with the added ambiance of the table top fire pit.

From Grand Patio.


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Lotus Fire Art Gas Burning Fire Pit

This Chevron Lotus gas-burning fire pit is a celebration of the sacred Lotus of ancient cultures and a passion for honoring the beautiful fire. This fire pit art creates an exotic centerpiece for your garden or patio.

From ZaRaia Fire And Light.


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Concrete Look Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

This is a wonderful fire pit to grace any patio and is sure to provide you warmth and ambiance. You no longer have to worry about building a fire. Light one in an instant once its hooked up to a natural gas or a propane source.

From Peaktop.


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Fire Pit Accessories

From necessity to ambiance, the right fire pit needs the right accessories to make it work. Being safe and practical absolutely does not mean you have to be boring. Give roasting anything from hot dogs to smores a personalized touch. Give your space a blast of color with the right rock for your gas burning centerpiece. Protect your investment when it’s not in use with style. These are just a few of the plethora of accessories to make your fire pit space yours. The sky is the limit on accessories. Take a look a these to get you moving in the right direction!

Personalized Smore Roasting Sticks

Safer and cleaner than a sharpened stick, bring along a set of customized s'more sticks to make your next outing more enjoyable.

From Shadywood Designs Co.


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Round Two Tone Outdoor Fire Pit Cover

This protective waterproof fire pit cover features a stylish two-tone gray and black design to complement any outdoor décor. Plus, it is UV-resistant to help prevent the color from fading. This portable fire pit cover also features a drawstring and toggle design for a secure fit.

From Sunnydaze Decor.


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Metal Firewood Racks

Fire pits can be as fun or as much of a chore as you choose to make them. Keep your firewood organized and tidy with these elegant yet durable metal holder. Always be ready to light up the fire pit without sacrificing style.

From Hearts Attic Décor.


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High Luster Reflective Tempered Fire Glass

Do you love relaxing by your tabletop fire pit but you're bored with plain stones and lava rock? Freshen up that fireplace with this high quality, reflective tempered fire glass.

From Celestial Fire Glass.


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Welcome To Our Fire Pit Cedar Sign

This wooden sign has been hand silk screened onto assembled rustic cedar planks. Cedar is weather proof so feel free to hang this sign outside next to your fire pit.

From Go Jump In The Lake.


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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Outdoor Campfire Fireplace Tongs

Sturdy, strong, and stylish. The scissor shape can fold for easy storage and transport. Safely adjust and pick up fire logs to keep your fun going as long as you want.

From Stanbroil.


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Light Weight Ceramic Fiber Pebble Stones for Fire Pit

Ceramic pebbles will provide years of enjoyment of your gas flame fires. This ceramic pebble set is designed of finest quality light weight ceramic fibers that can sustain temperatures of 1000 Degree Celsius and will not scratch or harm the surface of the fireplace.

From Stanbroil.


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Fight Back Against The Outdoor Chill This Fall

Fall is here. Winter is coming. Now you are all set up with a brand new fire pit to help chase the cold weather blues away. There are many benefits for including a fire pit in your outdoor space that range from overall health to financial. The main goal, however, is just for you and your guests to be able to kick back and relax! If building out a permanent fire pit is either out of your price rage or just undesirable, then you’re in luck! There are a wide range of options out there to fit your specific need and style. Whether wood burning or gas, your new fire pit is sure to make your yard a smash this fall and winter, not to mention provide you some much needed after work solace to help keep your mind in the right place. As long as you follow a basic fire safety plan, a portable outdoor fire pit can be just the addition you were looking for. This year, get out there and enjoy your yard!

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