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Unique Handmade Spring Gift Ideas For 2020

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For better or for worse, springtime has arrived. The chill is turning to warm, the showers have become all too frequent, and everything has begun to bloom. Under normal circumstances this is one of the best times of the year. With all that has been going on around the world in the year 2020, however, things may not feel as rosy as they have in the past. With the pandemic in full swing a lot of us are sheltering at home and that means work for a lot of us has been put on hold. No one feels the pinch more than independent workers, a category which craftsman and artists fall into. While people all over are turning to online shopping to help cure the boredom of quarantine and social distancing, consider picking up some seasonal cheer by seeking out some unique handmade spring gifts.

Why Handmade?

Unique Handmade Spring Gift Ideas

When it comes to seasonal décor there certainly are a lot of options out there to choose from. Sure, you could just run to the nearest big box or dollar store and pick up some stuff on the cheap. There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty, but your look will fall far short of reflecting your unique sense of style. If you take the time to really look through the options out there you will come across a lot of handmade items that don’t cost much more than what you can find at your local whatever-mart. Here are a few reasons why, when you pick out décor, opting for handmade can greatly upgrade your style game.

  • It Shows Care And Concern: Not only does decorating your space with handmade items give it a special feeling, it shows that you truly care about the items you’ve curated. It shows care and concern not only for your space, but for your extended community. Remember, someone had to spend time and effort to make that beautiful knick knack now adorning your shelf. In turn, you’ve helped support them through your purchase.
  • It’s Unique: Even if the item you acquire is one of several of the same design, it is still a unique and one of a kind item. Only your piece has that particular pattern in the wood grain. Only our piece has that combination of brush strokes. Each line and each carving was done by hand and is not reproduced in that exact way in anything else on the planet.
  • It’s Higher Quality: The craftsmen that make these items understand that the item they make represents them and their life’s work. When the artist has a personal stake in the game, then the items they produce will be made with a higher level of care and concern for you, the eventual buyer of their work. When higher quality materials are used and careful labor put into the creation, your new piece of art will last far longer than any of the mass produced stuff in the mega stores.
  • It’s Customizable: Mass produced items may tout options, but when it comes down to it they really only offer different colors or focus group created features. When you get something handmade you can nearly always get it customized to your specifications. Have your family name emblazed on it. Speak to the artist to have a specific material used or maybe a different color that might not be listed on their product advert. Handmade items can feature far more options to make it yours than an  impersonal mass produced budget buy.
  • It’s Sustainable: Handmade items almost always have a far smaller footprint than mass produced ones. Even if you find your product online, everything that lead of to the making of the item has far less environmental impact than factory made stuff. Craftsmen tend to use materials that are local to them. They also aren’t making these items in bulk so it is easier for them to choose more environmentally friendly materials. You, as the consumer, may make your purchase online and have it shipped, but a whole large segment of the ecological footprint has been cut out of the picture when the item you purchase has been handmade.
  • It’s Human: When you buy something that has been crafted by hand, you are participating in one of the oldest traditions of humanity. A human has carefully considered the item, picked out the materials, and thoughtfully created a piece of art. It wasn’t some machine working off a digital template quickly churning out millions at a time. A human has created something with their own hands which you, another human, are now enjoying.

Wall Mounted Décor

Patio And Garden Décor

Knick Knacks

Bonus: Cornhole!

Leap Into Spring

Springtime has arrived. Nature is stirring and refreshing itself all around us. We feel the need, prompted by nature, to spruce up our space as well. While mass produced stuff sold in big mega chains can offer the most budget friendly options, it can quickly lead to everyone’s places looking more of less the same. That’s where searching for special, handmade items can help. Add some interest to your space with something unique that no one else has. At the same time you will be helping a fellow human, who lovingly and carefully created your new piece, sustain their own families. Help our fellow artists, help the environment, and help yourself by opting for unique, handmade spring gifts. They will keep on giving you joy year after year.

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