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Unique Handmade Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas For That Special Man

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It’s that time of year again when everything about fatherhood is celebrated by all those who benefit from. Sure, you could get Dear Old Dad another tie, but that’s so cliché. Let’s face it, Pops can sometimes be hard to shop for. You want to get something special that shows how much you care but you also want it to be something unique and nothing he already has.

Dear Old Dad…

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When looking for a good Father’s Day gift, why not go for something handmade. When you go that route you hit the trifecta of gift giving. Handmade means one of a kind so you can be sure he doesn’t already have it. Handmade also means something special because you have some sort of input whether it be a personalized saying or your very own handwriting. Handmade means support. You are gifting something that someone else has made and, by doing so, you help them provide for their own families by making their hard work a part of yours.

Handmade Makes It Special

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For a long time now, Etsy has been a great place to hit all three points of the gift trifecta. It is chock full of items crafted with pride and love and you can find something for anyone in it’s plethora of shops. Etsy knows they offer a lot so it helps it’s shoppers out with some great curated gift guides like this one for Father’s Day. If you don’t believe me then check out a few fantastic finds below.

Cool Threads

Soft, comfortable, and stylish threads are always a welcome addition to any men’s wardrobe. They are especially important when they are from a special person for a special occasion. Get dad something he will enjoy wearing all year long.

Cool Accessories

You’ve got the threads covered. Now it’s time to accessorize. Every guy wants to feel well put together and there is an accessory out there to meet every need. From storage to travel, a guy can feel special with something personalized to remind him that he’s appreciated.

Cool Stuff

What guy doesn’t like stuff? Whether it be for a desktop or a man cave, give your dad something he can display with pride. After all, what dad doesn’t secretly like showing off how much he is loved by his family.

Bonus! Cool Wallet

It may be a cliché, but what man doesn’t carry a wallet? It’s one of those ubiquitous items necessary to life. Why not make carrying one something special with a long lasting, handmade wallet. Decades later he can still pull this memory out of his pocket with a smile.

A One Of A Kind Dad

So it turns out that Dad isn’t all that hard to shop for after all. Getting him something handmade means you can give him something unique, personalized, and know that you have helped another creator provide for their own family at the same time. Go ahead and do it! Splurge a bit and make him feel as special as he really is.

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