Cheesy Asparagus Lemon Chicken Bake

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Chicken can be an easy go to after a hard day but if you’re not a Michelin rated chef it can get boring rather quick. Here’s an easy week night meal that will please the whole family. The chicken and asparagus are prepared in one dish which makes clean up a breeze. Bite for bite this dish is full of flavor and satisfaction.

Modern Lighting Ideas: Pendants And Ceiling Fixtures To Make Your Kitchen Shine

Modern Lighting Ideas Pendants And Ceiling Fixtures To Make Your Kitchen Shine

Most of us love to shine in some aspect of our home lives. With the unexpected turn all of our lives have taken in the past few months that place to shine has quickly become the kitchen. All this extra time we’ve had in our homes has made many of those “I’ll get to it … Read more

From Containers to Bags to Jars: The Best Meal Prep Supplies Essential For Beginners

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It’s a new year, so you want to really get started on a new you. I already touched on getting yourself organized and stepping up your exercise game with a home gym. Now it’s time to throw out a few tips on eating healthier. We all have used the excuses of not having enough time and energy to cook. You’ve had a frantic day at work. The kids’ schedules are chock full. You’ve got hard classes this semester and need far more study time. We all are really good at coming up with reasons why we don’t cook more often and this leads to far more take out and nutritiously  dubious meals than what’s healthy for us. Luckily the idea of food prepping is becoming more and more popular. It’s much harder to make those same excuses when you’ve gotten all the prep work for cooking taken care of ahead of time.

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Creative And Cheap Storage Solutions For A Unique Retro Kitchen

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Aside from the very first room you see upon entering your home, the next most important is more than likely to be the kitchen. This makes it a prime target for creative and hopefully cheap storage and design solutions. The time we spend in our homes when we are not asleep tends to be split evenly between this room and whatever room your telly lives in. That means the kitchen ranks very high on the list of priorities for most people. Why not make sure the kitchen reflects your personal style?

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