Ecological Silicone Freezer Bags Six Pack

Freezing food is a good way to keep it fresh over the long haul and there is a surprisingly long list of freezer friendly foods. A good freezer bag will keep your food fresh and free of freezer burn so it’s ready when you are. This reusable Ecological Silicone Freezer Bags Six Pack are a great way to store your food in an environmentally sustainable way.

From WiseLime.

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  • Lengthen the shelf life of  your food prevent freezer burn with this resealable, reusable food storage bags.
  • Made from ecofriendly, nonallergenic, nonreactive silicone, these bags can have a life span of 30 years.
  • The lock style is leakproof and is easily opened and closed.
  • The temperature resistant bags are fully functional between -40°F to 446ºF.
  • Not only can you freeze or refrigerate food, but you can cook food in them as well.


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