Rustic Wine Barrel Outdoor Fire Pit

Impress your friends and family by bringing home your love of the vineyards with this Rustic Wine Barrel Outdoor Fire Pit. You’ll be mesmerized at the sight of flames dancing across the top of the barrel as if it were liquid set ablaze.

From Smoking Barrel Works.

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  • Each barrel starts out in its natural state and is unique and varies in size.
  • A standard sized propane tank will fit inside the fire pit.
  • This pit has a maximum heat output of 75,000 – 90,000 BTU.
  • The flame height is adjustable from low, medium or high.
  • A high heat paint coating is used as needed to ensure a safe backyard fire pit experience.
  • Dimensions: 3/4 barrel- 26-28 inches in diameter, 23-28 inches high.
  • Fuel Type: Propane or natural gas.


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