Motorized Automated Wardrobe Lift

Put the wasted vertical space in your closet to work with this Motorized Automated Wardrobe Lift system. The rod can be lowered with the flip of a switch for easy access. Think smart, store smart.

From Storage Motion.

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  • This is a motorized, closet rod which lowers clothing 50 inches from the up position to a reachable height.
  • Each unit will lift up to 75 lbs. and will be belt/strap driven. The unit is black polymer with chrome arms.
  • Each lift will span between 29 to 48 inches with the provided chrome hanging rods.
  • A wireless wall switch is included and can be programmed to the preferred stopping position.
  • The motor tube is unfinished aluminum and can be painted, polished or have simple enclosure created to match the rest of the closet.
  • Electrical details: 110 Volt, 2 amps.


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