Dyad Decorative Wooden Cat Litter Box

Imagine having a box that could do it all, with some help of course. Litter box, Check. Cat bed, check. Side table, check, what?! Yup, this wooden cat litter box can do all that! This wooden cat litter box can provide your feline all the privacy they desire as they take care of business, nap the day away, plot world domination, converse with the underworld, or simply do number two.

From Staart.

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  • A mid-century, modern design makes this piece stylish enough for any room.
  • This litter box can do double duty as a side table, end table, or night stand freeing up some much needed space.
  • Rounded edges provide a safety feature for human and pets alike.
  • The litter box is made from pet safe materials.


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