Adjustable Wire Closet Shelf Divider

Keep your folded stacks neat and tidy with this handy Adjustable Wire Closet Shelf Divider. No more opening the closet to find a heap of shirts or sweaters slumped over. These dividers are designed for easy installation, no tools required.

From Kosiehouse.

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  • Make your solid closet shelves more organized with these wire shelf dividers in any arrangement you need.
  • The featured coated finish keeps these wired from damaging your items and helps them stand up to the test of time.
  • The divider grips can fit shelves from 0.63 inches to 1 inch in thickness.
  • Each divider is 12.8 inches wide and 10.9 inches high. Use them in a staggered arrangement to fit wider stacks.
  • No tools or hardware is required for installation. Simply slide the dividers onto your existing standard shelves. Rearranging them is just as easy.
  • The pack comes with eight shelve dividers.


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