Raised Canadian Cedar Garden Bed

Short on space? There’s still room to grow! Whether you’re looking to redesign your patio, discourage backyard pests, or grow herbs from a sky-high city apartment, give your greens the ultimate makeover with this Raised Canadian Cedar Garden Bed.

From Jumbl.

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  • This elevated outdoor planter offers beautiful and practical design for growing your favorite herbs, veggies, fruits, flowers and more.
  • The classic and slim design makes this a stunning accompaniment to any small space.
  • Constructed from high-grade cedar Cedar wood, it deters pests, will resist weather related damage, and won’t warp, shrink, or swell with changing humidity.
  • Don’t let a bad back, muscle strain, or other chronic pain keeps you from gardening. The elevated bed keeps the plants you care for at a convenient and easy to work with level.
  • Some easy assembly is achieved with the included instructions. No tools are required!
  • Fit an elevated garden bed into nearly any space you have with one of the four sizes that are available.


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