Glass Water 18oz Bottle Twelve Pack

Solid food isn’t the only item people like to prepare ahead of time. Juices and smoothies are a good option to add to your meal prep. This grab and go glass Glass Water 18oz Bottle Twelve Pack is a perfect option for liquid storage. Make your juice ahead of time then just grab it on your way out the door.

From Chef’s Star.

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  • Glass constructions allows you to store liquids without fear of leeching in of chemicals or toxins.
  • These cylindrical glass bottles are easy to hold, complimenting your busy lifestyle.
  • The lids are tight fitting to prevent leaks and spills while storing or traveling.
  • A carrying loops makes taking this bottle with you a breeze.
  • Slim design allows this bottle to fit nicely in tight spaces, whether in the refrigerator or the car.


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