Men’s Daily Revitalizing Hair Care

Sometimes guys may make fun of the care routines engaged in by the other side, but they do like to look their best none the less. This Men’s Daily Revitalizing Hair Care gift set is a great way to give them something you know they will appreciate and use.

From Brickell Men’s Products.

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  • This men’s hair care set contains the two organic hair products for men to create stronger, fuller, healthier hair through a combination of natural ingredients.
  • Men of any age with any hair type who want better, healthier hair will find this set useful.
  • These two all natural hair care products for men work together to deliver a simple, but powerful men’s hair care routine that builds stronger hair, volumizes, and brings back shine.
  • Key Ingredients: Natural and certified organic ingredients, including aloe, vitamin E, tea tree oil, hydrolyzed protein, pro-vitamin B5, & silk protein amino acids.


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