Modern Lighting Ideas Pendants And Ceiling Fixtures To Make Your Kitchen Shine

Modern Lighting Ideas: Pendants And Ceiling Fixtures To Make Your Kitchen Shine

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Most of us love to shine in some aspect of our home lives. With the unexpected turn all of our lives have taken in the past few months that place to shine has quickly become the kitchen. All this extra time we’ve had in our homes has made many of those “I’ll get to it at some point” projects far more prominent. Maybe you’ve been wanting to bring a fresh look to your space? Maybe you’ve wished you had more task lighting over your kitchen counters? If bringing some much needed changed to your kitchen is on that list, then lighting is one of the less expensive and least intrusive ways to breath in some new life. From kitchen island task lighting to counter top illumination, new pendants and ceiling light fixtures can help you to make your kitchen shine in a new light

The Heart And Soul Of Home Life

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The kitchen is typically one of the most important spaces in our homes. Aside from the main living space, chances are you spend a large chuck of your home-bound waking hours here. It’s only natural to want it to look it’s best. When your kitchen looks and feels good then you will find preparing everything from a quick snack to a full fledged Sunday dinner a much more pleasant experience. Along with proper storage, lighting can make a drastic difference in not only how comfortable your kitchen feels, but how well it preforms in it’s intended function.

Proper lighting is an important aspect in the design of any space, even more so in the kitchen. Sure, you need to see well enough to not maim yourself while preparing supper, but you also want the lighting to set the right mood as well. There are different types of lighting fixtures to suit the various levels your kitchen needs to be both comfortable and functional. Here are the three basic types of lighting situations you are most likely to find in your kitchen.

Click on the headings below to learn more about the three main groups of lighting.

Also called general lighting, this type of light illuminates the entire space. It reaches into the cracks and crevices and is intended to give a good enough level of general lighting to preform most basic tasks. In the kitchen this type of lighting is usually provided from overhead by ceiling mounted or recessed fixtures. Consider installing this type of lighting with a dimmer to allow for various levels to accommodate different purposes and times of day.

This type of lighting is more focused than ambient. Task lighting will be used where more light is required to, well, perform a specific task. In the kitchen this can be the light mounted in your range hood, under-cabinet strip lighting, or narrowly focused pendant lights hung directly over the counters. As long as the light is focused on where it needs to be for it’s intended task then the sky is the limit on how decorative you can be with it.

This kind of lighting is purely for ambiance. You will use this lighting to highlight decorative features in your space and use differing colors and tints to set a specific mood. You will not be utilizing this style of lighting for anything other than your pure enjoyment of the room so here is where your decorative flair can really shine.

Not Exactly The Jetsons, But Close...

Among the more popular design styles is what we call Modern. When boiled down to it’s constituent aspects, modern design can be thought of as one that embraces clean and crisp lines, uses typically “hard” elements such as metal and glass, and utilizes a minimalist color pallet and approach to decorative embellishments. The overarching theme here is sleek, simple, and uncluttered.

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There are a few design styles that are similar enough to cause some confusion and the modern style is no different. More often, modern design has been confused with contemporary. While they do share some similar aspects, they are indeed two distinct design styles. While both follow a more minimalist philosophy than other styles, traditional for example, contemporary is more forgiving with features and embellishments than modern is. Here is a quick breakdown of a few of differences between the styles.


  • Stricter adherence to minimalist ideals.
  • Functional décor has more importance.
  • Neutral, natural colors are more dominant.
  • Clean, crisp, strong lines are clear and distinct.
  • Modern artistic trends are easily adapted however the foundation clearly lies in the first half of the 20th century.


  • More forgiving with adherence to minimalist ideals leading to several variations.
  • Ornamental décor has more importance.
  • Bright and contrasting colors are preferred.
  • Clean lines are often broken up by curves.
  • The latest trends are always foremost in this design style.

Overhead Illumination

You need light in your kitchen but let’s face it, we all can’t be blessed with an abundance of natural light and, even then, the sun will set eventually. Overhead lighting can bring just the right level of ambient light to your space. Enhance that light by pairing it up with a dimmer to provide the right amount of light for the right time and mood.

XL Drum Plafond Ceiling Lamp Shade Slide
XL Drum Plafond Ceiling Lamp Shade

This sleek, modern drum ceiling mounted light fixture will help light up your room while blending seamlessly in with your décor.

Hexagonal Luminaires Natural White Modern Ceiling Light Fixture
Hexagonal Luminaires Natural White Modern Ceiling Light Fixture

Style up your ceiling and give it a modern flare with this hexagonal multi light fixture.

Branched Forked Chandelier Ceiling Light

This lamp will be excellent as dining room lighting, entryway chandelier, kitchen island light fixture, dining table chandelier and perfectly decorate your café, bar, or restaurant.

Copper Vintage Barn Metal Floral Semi Flush Ceiling Light
Copper Vintage Barn Metal Floral Semi Flush Ceiling Light

Put the room in the right light with this versatile copper ceiling mounted light. Use with dimmable lights to help set the right mood for any situation.

From Unitary

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Island Illumination

Kitchen islands provide the perfect solution for open concept kitchens to give everyone a space to be and not be in each others way. They also present the perfect opportunity to bring in some specialized accent lighting. Give your island the illumination it needs and enhance the artistic flare of your design at the same time.

Emliviar 5-Light Kitchen Island Lighting
Emliviar 5-Light Kitchen Island Lighting

Featuring a clean lined simple and classic metal design, in a beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish, with a perfectly cylinder clear glass shade, this upscale light fixture is suitable to hang above your dining room table or kitchen island.

From Emliviar

Modern Wood Beam Light Slide
Modern Wood Beam Light

This wood beam light has a spacious modern feel. With the natural maple finish and inset LED bulbs this fixture fits well into bright, airy spaces.

Jericho Large Rustic Farmhouse Wagon Wheel Chandelier
Jericho Large Rustic Farmhouse Wagon Wheel Chandelier

With its beautiful wagon wheel design, this large hanging light will be an instant conversation piece amongst family and friends.

From Kira Home

Concrete Hanging Pendant Light Fixture Slider
Concrete Hanging Pendant Light Fixture

This concrete light fixture is made in a very minimalistic design to let the concrete, as a unique material, stand out.‎ The light looks perfect above tables, reception countertops, or as a solitary light hanging in space.‎

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Pendant Illumination

Whether it is for your counter tops, your kitchen island, or even just an eat in nook or bistro table, pendant light fixtures can be the perfect solution. They are versatile enough to provide a soft elegance to your informal kitchen meal or put the light where it’s needed for the task at hand. There is a nearly endless choice of pendant lighting fixtures which guarantees that there is one out there that is prefect for your kitchen.

Tiffany Style Modern Pendant Light Fixture
Tiffany Style Modern Pendant Light Fixture

This pendant light is perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, entryway, hallway, foyer and more. Give your space a splash of modern design and elegance.

From Todoluz

Modern Hanging Pendant Light Slider
Modern Hanging Pendant Light

These stylish hanging pendant lights will bring a fresh, minimalistic, modern feel to any space. Get enough light where you need it whether it be for task or ambiance.

Artika Essence Chrome And Glass Pendant Light
Artika Essence Chrome And Glass Pendant Light

Easily add a touch of contemporary design with these pendant light fixtures featuring premium bubble glass and a chrome finish. This is the perfect light fixture to enhance the beauty of your kitchen or dining room. The style light blends easily with a variety of home interior style.

From Artika

Basic Twelve Trio Geometric Pendant Lamp Slide
Basic Twelve Trio Geometric Pendant Lamp

100% handmade in Italy, Basic TWELVE TRIO is a modular pendant lamp made of 3 geometric elements that can be combined in several ways thanks to the magnetized sides. You can choose the shape you prefer and make your BASIC TWELVE TRIO pendant lamp unique.

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Bonus! Wall Illumination

Nobody said that your kitchen lights all had to be for working. After all, all work and no play can make for a pretty dull home kitchen. Have you been wondering what to do with that blank wall? Why not brighten up the space with a bit of lighted wall art. It will bring some much desired interest into your space and give your guests something to talk about.

Wooden Wall Accent Light Slide
Wooden Wall Accent Light

Draw the attention of all your guest with this stunning wooden accent light. It really makes a statement!


Now You've Seen The Light!

The kitchen can be one of the more difficult rooms to get right even though it’s one of the rooms where we spend most of our time at home. Giving your kitchen a new, fresh look doesn’t have to involve major construction and all the high costs that go along with it. Doing something as simple as just changing your light fixtures can make a world of difference at a fraction of the cost. Once you determine your balance of ambient, task, and accent lighting it will be easy for you to move forward with finding the right style of fixture for your kitchen. Having the right level of lighting where and when you need it will make everything from preparing meals, enjoying a family dinner, or fixing a late night snack an experience you will look forward to. You’ve seen some ideas, now it’s time for you to put them into action.

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