DIY Home Security: Top Five Best Rated Starter Kits

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In troubling times often our thoughts will turn to all aspects of the security of ourselves and those we love. The protection of our homes from threats is one avenue that can help to achieve some relief from those concerns. The incorporation of a good home security system can not only help keep you safe from obvious threats such as prowlers, but can also help you keep an eye on pets, children who are home alone, alert you to the presence of fire or harmful gasses, and can even help you get a handle on you electric use. With the continual growth of the internet of things, home security devices have come down drastically in price and are no longer dependent on high priced monitoring subscriptions. This has allowed for the everyday DYI home owner to set up some piece of mind for themselves.

Isn’t Locking The Doors Enough?

DIY Home Security Starter Kits Basics

Our homes are our castles. It’s where our loved ones and most cherished possessions reside. It’s only natural to want to make it as safe and secure as we possible can. A well crafted home security system can help to boost your piece of mind and keep you confident that your home and family is well protected form most possible threats. Not long ago, a home security system was a big investment. They came at a significant cost and required extensive and intrusive installation. There were also recurring monthly costs for monitoring, without which your expensive system would be useless.

With both an increase in sophistication and decreasing prices, the electronics that comprise home security systems have become vastly more affordable and reliable. Also, as the internet of things has grown, it is now possible to be your own monitoring rather than shell out big bucks for a big name company to do it. Home security systems are now not only within the reach of budget minded homeowners, but they are an option for renters as well. Having a well put together security system will provide several improvements to the lives of those who employ them.

  • Piece Of Mind: A well designed security system will allow you to have confidence that you and your family are protected and that you will always know what happens and when, usually by just checking your phone.
  • Enhanced Personal Safety: Whether it is a common burglar or someone intent on doing harm to your family, knowing that they are being recorded and that someone somewhere will be instantly alerted to what is happening is a major deterrent. They do not want to be caught just as much as you do not want to be their victim.
  • Property Safety: You may be at work or you may be away traveling. Either way you want to feel secure in the knowledge that your home is safe. A well designed security system will both alert you when something goes wrong and allow you to instantly check just to see how things are.
  • Lower Insurance Rates: Home and renters insurance can be expensive for comprehensive coverage. It has been proven time and again that domiciles with properly set up and maintained security systems are less likely to fall victim to criminal activity. With environmental monitoring, environmental accidents can be prevented or mitigated. Most good insurance companies will offer lower rates to home owners and renters that proactively help to keep the statistics on their side.
  • Boost Resale Value: If you are a home owner, having a properly installed home security system intended to be permanent to the property will often times increase the resale value. Just like recreational additions, security amenities are desirable and home buyers are willing to pay more as a result.

The Right Stuff

DIY Home Security Starter Kits Tips

So now you know that investing in a good home security system won’t necessarily break your bank  There are options out there ranging from high end all-in-one systems that come with professional installation to piecemeal do-it-yourself systems you can pick up at any hardware or electronics store. As a result, more people are opting for the DIY route. The downside to DIY home security systems being more obtainable is that it falls upon you to make sure you’ve assembled the right equipment. A basic, sound, and secure home surveillance set up should always cover certain aspects of home safety.

  • Secure The Doors: A fair amount of home burglars are usually able to just walk undeterred through the front door. Make sure you keep your doors secured with proper locks and dead bolts. Make sure the hinges are inaccessible from the outside. Using smart locks and/or traditional sensors allows your doors to meld seamlessly into your security system allowing you to check on them when you’re not at home.
  • Secure The Windows: Windows are another weak point. Make sure all ground floor and easily accessible upper floor windows are equipped with sensors that can detect openings and glass breakage.
  • Secure With Lighting: The last thing a home invader wants is to be seen. Proper lighting can be a very successful deterrent. Well placed accent lighting in the yard can double as both ambiance and get rid of shadows that can potentially be hiding places for those up to no good. Potentially vulnerable points such as home doors or garage and shed entrances can be instantly illuminated with motion activated lights.
  • Secure With Cameras: Surveilling your vulnerable spots with cameras can act as both a deterrent and as a means of catching a criminal. It also allows you to check on pets, kids, or even see who’s knocking at your door. Make sure the camera you choose can record in high definition color and works equally well in infrared as it does in daylight.
  • Secure With Sensors: Home security kits now come with a large array of sensors to check on everything from smoke and fire, harmful gasses, and motion detection. Replace your doorbell with a motion activated smart doorbell. Use motion sensors to alert you to someone being where the shouldn’t when you’re not at home. Use smoke, CO2, NOx, radon, etc., sensors to keep your family safe while you are at home. There is a sensor out there for every security need your home may have.

DIY Home Security Starter Kits

What Are You Waiting For?

Unlike in the past, a good home security system isn’t just for members of the upper crust. The prices for home security electronics has come down while their sophistication has increased. Now nearly anyone can get what they need to secure their homes and keep their families safe. Options and customization are the name of the game now. The portability of a lot of the equipment means that home security is also in the cards for renters. Hopefully this article has helped you to find what you need. There’s no longer any excuse to put off making your home a safe and secure environment for your family to flourish. Don’t wait to be a victim. Act now and, hopefully, your family will never have to thank you for it!

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