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9 Best Easy DIY Home and Bedroom Closet Organization System Ideas To Customize Your Storage

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Among the biggest things of interest to people when they are house or apartment hunting is how much available storage there is. We all like to have stuff that makes our lives easier, and there is a lot of stuff available to accomplish that, but in the end we need somewhere to store it all. From clothes to coats to cleaning supplies to everything else, no one wants to see it piled up or spread out all over the place. Fortunately, at some point in humanity’s journey, someone came invented the closet. While a good home has plenty of closet space to stow your stuff, most standard closets tend to be merely an empty space with a rod to hang stuff on or possibly a shelf. With those couple of details you can keep your gear out of sight, but for it all to be useful you also need a way to keep it organized.

What You Need When You Need It

Getting and staying organized at anything is a process and keeping your storage closets neat, tidy, and accessible is no exception. In fact, your closets may be even more of a process as they tend to fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” portion of our lives. It’s all too easy to just cram your stuff in and close the door so it’s all out of view. This may work just fine for a short while, but there will come a day when you need something you’ve thrown in there. Is the stash it and forget it mentality really worth the cost of spending hours trying to find something you know has to be in there? You keep your day to day life organized (hopefully) so why not extend that to your storage.

Closet Shelves With Folded Clothes
  • Save time: By having everything neat and tidy before you shut the closet door then you will not have to waste time frantically searching later down the road when you need to retrieve an item.
  • Save money: When everything is organized it’s easier to grab what you need when you need it. Stop re-purchasing what you already own simply because you can’t seem to find it in the mess or forgot that you already had it in the first place.
  • Save space: Your closet may look small, but when it’s well organized you will be surprised at how much storage space you really have.
  • Save yourself: Clutter and mess can lead to higher stress levels. When your storage space is clean, organized, and tidy then you can just grab what you need and go without working yourself into a stressed out state trying to find items.

It All Boils Down To Size

Closet storage can really be whittled down to three basic concepts: walk-in, reach-in, and free-standing. The oldest of these is certainly the free-standing cabinet. Believe it or not, our homes did not always have closet space. In fact, centuries ago in Europe, many places taxed home owners on the total number of rooms in their dwelling and, for tax purposes, a closet was considered a room in it’s own right. In order to have both storage and a lower tax bill, free-standing cabinetry, such as wardrobes and armoires, were used to store the stuff that got us through our daily routines. To this day, free-standing cabinets are a great way to add extra storage to a room that is lacking in space.

White Organized Closet With Shirts And Backpack

In modern times, the most commonly encountered closet is the reach-in. This style of closet is found typically in smaller homes and apartments. They are usually rectangular alcoves  built into the interior walls of a room faced with some sort of door. They are designed to keep everything stored inside within easy reach. The plus of this style of closet is that they don’t take up much space in the overall floor-plan, although they are limited in their total storage capacity. Reach-in closets are great for extra items like sports equipment or coats, though in many homes this will be the only style of closet present.

Nothing says luxury like a big walk-in closet. Typically used for clothes storage, you can find this style in many newer homes and are built in a wide variety of sizes. Technically, any closet big enough to step fully inside of is a walk-in. Smaller walk-in closets are usually deep with storage on one side or in a U-shape around the inner walls. Larger ones can be whole rooms unto themselves complete with furniture, mirrors, storage islands, and chandeliers. Whether you have a lifestyles of the rich and famous walk-in, or a modest size you can just step into, there are plenty of ways to organize this style of closet.

Closet Organizer Installation Kits

Most homes will have reach-in closets. These standard rectangular alcoves are perfect for installing built-in like systems and there is a wide variety to choose from. Consider what you want to store and how you want to store it. Most of these systems will offer customizable combinations of hanging rods, shelves, and drawers. Chose a finish that works well for your d├ęcor and break out the screw driver. Once you put your system in you will wish you had upgraded your closet sooner.

Free-Standing Closets

If you have a reach-in closet, or no closet at all, a free-standing system might work for you. Free-standing options come in a plethora of styles and can be a very easy way to upgrade your storage. Most offer several variations and customization that can do wonders for the functionality of your closet.  Consider placing one inside your reach-in if you can’t install an entire closet system or adding some interest to the room by removing the closet doors to show off how sophisticated and organized you are.

Closet Organization Products

It all comes down to keeping your stuff organized once your closet system is in place. There are multitudes of organizational products out there so here are a few to get you pointed in the right direction. Think of what it is you need to organize and consider what will best achieve that goal be it baskets, shelf dividers, hanging cubbies, or practically anything else. There is something out there to fit your specific need. All you need to do is look for it.


Here’s an option for those with high ceilings. You don’t have to let all that space above your head go to waste. Think vertically and take advantage of your good fortune!

Stow It (Properly) And Go!

So you have your stuff ready to stow away neatly in a closet. While most closets will come equipped with a rod to hang stuff from and a shelf, it is going to take a bit more to keep it all organized. There’s nothing to fear, however. There are plenty of organizational systems and products out there to help you maximize your storage space. What you incorporate into your closet design will be based on how much room you have to work with, what it is you want to store, and how often you will need to access it. Installing a closet system can be a great way to keep it all neat and tidy or you can opt for a free-standing arrangement to go door-less or add a much needed second closet. There are solutions out there to meet just about any storage need you may encounter. Hopefully these suggestions will get you headed in the right direction.

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