Contemporary Bathroom Storage Solutions For That Tiny Space

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When, like me, you’re an apartment dweller, space usually comes at a premium. A lot of us end up sacrificing square footage for things like budget or living in a convenient location. Living in a small space doesn’t have to be the end of the world as far as style is concerned. Small spaces mean unique problems, especially for bathroom storage. You just need to set yourself a few rules and find the right pieces that fit your space, style, and function.

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Shades Of Morocco: Ambient Lighting To Set An Exotic Mood

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Too many times have I arrived at a friend’s place for an evening meetup and am greeted with overhead lighting that is usually too bright and serves more to distract rather than add to the setting. Accent lighting, usually achieved by using hanging pendant or wall lights, is the easiest way to make nearly any space feel more inviting. It can turn a large, cavernous room into an intimate space. Conversely, it can transform a tiny nook into a feature that both you and your guests will love.

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10 Traditional Dining Chairs That Won’t Break The Bank

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It was just a while back when I noticed that I didn’t quite like the look of the dining room chairs that came with the set I bought several years prior. The table itself fit the feel I had going on at the time, but the chairs seemed to match just a bit too much, and that made the overall appearance feel manufactured. When I decided to investigate individual dining chairs, I was a bit surprised at both the variety in style and in price. Some of them were fit for a king and had the price tag to prove it! For this post I thought I’d present a few options I’ve found inexpensive traditional dining room chairs that hopefully won’t break the budget.

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